Friday, December 5, 2008

Weigh-In Day!!

I get so excited on Friday mornings cause I know it is my weigh-in day. Today I noticed - I have hip bones! I can't beleive this diet is working for me. I thought I was a lost hope. I never joined because I didn't want to pay money to lose my weight. But I am so thankful I decided to join weight watchers. Today when I logged my weight I got a red star, and a congradulations.

Highest Weight - 171lbs
Starting Weight - 165lbs
Current Weight - 12/05/08 - 156.6lbs
Weight Loss - 8.4lbs

Did you know 1lb is the same as 4 sticks of butter. And 5lbs is the same as a sack of potatoes! This is best I have felt in a long time. I can now see myself where I want to be, which used to just be a dream. I can't wait to try on wedding dresses.

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Becky Jamison said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! My hip bones are disappearing so I need to get busy!