Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh....The Holidays

They say that December is the worst time to be dieting. Most people throw in the towel and restart their diet in January. I have been trying so hard to stay on track with everything. The good news is I am maintaining my weight and not gaining. But the bad news is I'm not losing as much as I would hope.

Highest Weight - 171lbs
Starting Weight - 165lbs
Current Weight - 12/20/08 - 155.2lbs
Weight Loss - 9.8lbs

But hey I can't complain too much. I know I have been eating my share of sugar cookies and fudge....Eekk!! Oh well, the holidays are almost over and I can get a fresh start. I still have 9 months to wedding right??

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Ruthie said...

I think you'll do just fine!! Don't put your self through to much pain trying to stay on track thats why some people never do diets again! You'll be at your perfect weight in no time.