Friday, December 26, 2008

Not Expecting Too Much Here...

Well the results are in. As I was stuffing my face yesterday with Christmas dinner, I knew today was weigh-in day. So I am not expecting too much this week from my body. It's probably in shock from all the food.

Highest Weight - 171lbs
Starting Weight - 165lbs
Current Weight - 12/26/08 - 157.0lbs
Weight Loss - 8lbs

I am so glad the holidays are over and I can get back on track with this diet stuff. Now if I can just clear my house of all the cookies, brownies and cheesecake. No hope is lost, but no weight was lost this week either. It's a new week, and it will soon be a New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh....The Holidays

They say that December is the worst time to be dieting. Most people throw in the towel and restart their diet in January. I have been trying so hard to stay on track with everything. The good news is I am maintaining my weight and not gaining. But the bad news is I'm not losing as much as I would hope.

Highest Weight - 171lbs
Starting Weight - 165lbs
Current Weight - 12/20/08 - 155.2lbs
Weight Loss - 9.8lbs

But hey I can't complain too much. I know I have been eating my share of sugar cookies and fudge....Eekk!! Oh well, the holidays are almost over and I can get a fresh start. I still have 9 months to wedding right??

Friday, December 12, 2008

A VERY Small Setback

So I knew that today would be a little disappointing. My cravings for fast food were horrible this last week. I couldn't get over the feeling, that I had to have some french fries. And I kept telling myself, oh only a few will be ok. But a few adds up. So I wasn't surprised to not see the scale move much this week. I was 156.6lbs last week, and 157lbs this week, but it's a VERY small set back and it's not going to get me down at all. I am still very excited about my weight loss and this week is a new week.

Highest Weight - 171lbs
Starting Weight - 165lbs
Current Weight - 12/12/08 - 157lbs
Weight Loss - 8lbs

That scale better be ready for next week!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Picture Time

So I found these pictures of me, they were taken on Labor Day weekend. When Matt and I went fishing. 9/1/08 - I was around 170lbs in these pictures. These pictures frankly, make me sick! But I thought it was ok to share them now.

Here is a picture of me tonight. Click on it to make it bigger. But I put it next to my 165lbs picture so you can see the differance. LOOK at my face, holy cow! And I am starting to get that womanly curve back haha!

Weigh-In Day!!

I get so excited on Friday mornings cause I know it is my weigh-in day. Today I noticed - I have hip bones! I can't beleive this diet is working for me. I thought I was a lost hope. I never joined because I didn't want to pay money to lose my weight. But I am so thankful I decided to join weight watchers. Today when I logged my weight I got a red star, and a congradulations.

Highest Weight - 171lbs
Starting Weight - 165lbs
Current Weight - 12/05/08 - 156.6lbs
Weight Loss - 8.4lbs

Did you know 1lb is the same as 4 sticks of butter. And 5lbs is the same as a sack of potatoes! This is best I have felt in a long time. I can now see myself where I want to be, which used to just be a dream. I can't wait to try on wedding dresses.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Blushing...

So today I recieved my first compliment. I came out of the bathroom at work and one of the guys said "Are you losing weight?" I looked at him, assuming my co-worker Karen told him to say that. I laughed and said "Yes!" And he said "Well it's really starting to show!" I was so excited. When he left the room I asked Karen how much she paid him to say that. She said nothing. It felt great!!

By the way I want to give a special congradulations to Matt's mom Shelly. She has joined weight watchers also. She had her first weigh in today, she was nervous, but ended up losing 3.5lbs!! Whoo Hoo!!